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What the Writers Thought...

Feedback and Testimonials: Testimonials

"I made friends and I really liked the activities. I produced some great writing thanks to Ruby and now I want to write more often."

"I liked that we could write freely and that we would swap our books and mark each other's and give positive feedback and suggest improvements. I enjoyed all of the course."

100% of participants...

Enjoyed the course

Felt that they learnt a lot

Were inspired to write more often

Would recommend the course

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What the Parents Thought...

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"Our daughter loved the course! The days were well thought out with lots of creative exercises for the children to enjoy. My daughter's only criticism was she wished the course was longer as she enjoyed it so much.”

"I was pleased to find such a good course. Ruby took good care of the young people under her charge, and my son left each day eager to talk about what he learned. The course was well-structured and run, and has had a good effect on his writing."

Feedback and Testimonials: Testimonials

"Our daughters so enjoyed the course - and so did we, as they entertained us with recounting each day's experience. They loved that you incorporated various activities to help them look at language from new angles. I would definitely recommend this course. Learning aside, I feel it also helped them to have a few days of routine in their long summer holiday.”

"My daughter loved Ruby's course - so much so that I literally had to drag her out and got a full run down in the car on the way home! She was eager to return each day and has now declared she wants to do an English degree. Thanks Ruby - this was definitely a success!!"

Feedback and Testimonials: Testimonials
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